excerpt from 'Louis Spohr's Autobiography' pp. 43 (193 words)

excerpt from 'Louis Spohr's Autobiography' pp. 43 (193 words)

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Louis Spohr's Autobiography

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The best violinist then in St. Petersburgh was, without doubt, Fränzel junior. He had just come from Moscow where he had been engaged for six concerts at three thousand rubles. His attitude in playing displeased me. The diary says: “He holds the violin still in the old manner, on the right side of the tail piece, and must therefore play with his head bent . . . . . . To this must be added that, he raised the right arm very high, and has the bad habit of elevating his eyebrows at the expressive passages. If this is not unpleasant to the majority of listeners it is still very disagreeable for a violinist to see . . . . . . His playing is pure and clean. In the Adagio parts, he executes many runs, shakes, and other fioriture, with a rare clearness and delicacy. As soon however as he played loud, his tone is rough and unpleasant, because he draws the bow too slowly and too near the bridge, and leans it too much to one side. He executed the passages clearly and purely, but always with the middle of the bow, and consequently without distinction of piano and forte.”

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excerpt from 'Louis Spohr's Autobiography' pp. 43 (193 words)


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