excerpt from 'In the Orchestra' pp. 157 (101 words)

excerpt from 'In the Orchestra' pp. 157 (101 words)

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... and in 1942 the orchestra was reformed with many of the old London 'stars' and a few of the disbanded BBC Salon Orchestra under the direction of Sir Malcolm Sargent. I remember this as one of the high spots of the Liverpool orchestra's life, especially a great performance of Dvoƙák's Cello Concerto in 1944 which brought Pablo Casals to the country for the last time... The performance was unforgettable for the incredibly personality of the little man who was it centre. I suppose Sargent did conduct, but he seemed to be invisible; and the orchestra was quite incredibly good, by any standard.

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excerpt from 'In the Orchestra' pp. 157 (101 words)


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