excerpt from 'Untitled: Dora Bargate memoir' pp. 9 (170 words)

excerpt from 'Untitled: Dora Bargate memoir' pp. 9 (170 words)

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Untitled: Dora Bargate memoir

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[The popular American song ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles’ was first published in 1919. The outings locations named by Dora Bargate were rural areas south of Croydon, London]


Each summer we were transported for the day by horse brakes on a Sunday School treat, but only if our attendance card had procured the necessary number of attendance stars. 


These treats took us from Bermondsey to perhaps Shirley Hills, Riddlesdown or Abbey Wood, where, on arrival games and races would be organised […]


My mother was always one of the volunteers. Mother had the ability to organize everyone and turned many a tear of frustration into laughter. On the outward journey she would tolerate the demand for hymn singing made by the very prim and proper Sunday School Teachers but on the way home she would start us off with “I’m forever blowing bubbles” and follow with other popular songs with which the children joined in with gusto until we arrived back at the [Manor Mission, Bermondsey], hoarse, decidedly grubby but happy. 

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excerpt from 'Untitled: Dora Bargate memoir' pp. 9 (170 words)


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