excerpt from 'My Years With Pavlova' pp. 104 (167 words)

excerpt from 'My Years With Pavlova' pp. 104 (167 words)

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My Years With Pavlova

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He [Monsieur Dandré] had noticed that a recital of Indian music was to be given in London by an Indian composer, Commalata Bannerjee.  I was despatched to hear the music and report on it.  As I could not pretend to know anything about Indian music I went to the recital in a distinctly diffident mood.  I had only my instinct to go on, but I was soon convinced that Miss Bannerjee could help us.  She made no concession to European taste in her playing, but she played with such devotion that I for one was enchanted, especially by the rhythms of the music, which appealed to me as a dancer and made me feel that this composer would understand what we needed for the ballet.  I reported to Monsieur Dandré at once, and the next day Miss Bannerjee was invited to Ivy House to play for Pavlova.  Pavlova was as enchanted as I had been and commissioned the young Indian woman to compose music for Hindu Wedding.   

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excerpt from 'My Years With Pavlova' pp. 104 (167 words)


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