excerpt from 'My Years With Pavlova' pp. 27 (133 words)

excerpt from 'My Years With Pavlova' pp. 27 (133 words)

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My Years With Pavlova

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One evening, when most people were feeling better, Novicki invited several of us to his cabin and played the harmonium.  I had never seen this instrument before, and I don’t think I have seen it since.  It was like an accordion, but joined by a pipe to some pedals and pumped with the feet.  I made a rather incomprehensible drawing of it in a letter to my mother, as it was difficult to write to her with so little to say.  The only other music we had was in the morning, when the jazz band would condescend to play to us second-class passengers.  It was a strange experience dancing foxtrots, one-steps and waltzes in the saloon before lunch.  Only the first-class passengers could dance more normally in the afternoon and evening.  

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excerpt from 'My Years With Pavlova' pp. 27 (133 words)


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