excerpt from 'Down Memory Lane' pp. 100 (138 words)

excerpt from 'Down Memory Lane' pp. 100 (138 words)

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Down Memory Lane

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[Cecil and Gladys Harwood moved from Southdown, Bath, where they had been involved in many community groups, to Charmouth, West Dorset where they resettled to run a gift shop]


Gladys and I got a surprise just before Christmas, several of our old club members wanted to come down one Saturday night. If we could hire the Church Hall, they would bring music, etc., and we would have an Old Tyme Dance. We on our part got the folks at the Queens Arms to supply refreshments, it was also put around that if any of the locals would like to join in, it would make a better evening […] The Bath people left at about 11.30 p.m. […] The villagers who had come along were full of it on Monday and began asking when we were going to have another dance. 

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excerpt from 'Down Memory Lane' pp. 100 (138 words)


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