excerpt from 'Down Memory Lane' pp. 55 (131 words)

excerpt from 'Down Memory Lane' pp. 55 (131 words)

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Down Memory Lane

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[Cecil Harwood worked as a gardener and nurseryman before and after World War I at a variety of locations, including Knebworth House, Hertfordshire]


In between the clipping [of Yew and Portuguese Laurel trees] there were odd bits of mowing and weeding to do. Knibworth [sic] Church was not far from [Knebworth House] and it had a good peel [sic] of bells and campanologists used to come quite often to ring peels [sic] practically all day. Lots of folks cannot stand the bells. Myself, I don’t dislike the sound and still like to hear them when possible. I have the privilege of knowing one band of bellringers (North Tawton, Champions for 7 successive years, and in this year of our Lord 1977, the sound of those bells went around the World at Christmas).

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excerpt from 'Down Memory Lane' pp. 55 (131 words)


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