excerpt from 'Down Memory Lane' pp. 55 (113 words)

excerpt from 'Down Memory Lane' pp. 55 (113 words)

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Down Memory Lane

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I joined the Welwyn Social Club. It was suggested we apply to the Church Council to hold dances there. They agreed to this for a small rental and each Friday we held a 6d. hop as we called it, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. We had as many as 100 on some nights, and as it was so popular we decided to hold a Ball with a real band to play for us. We managed to get Moony’s band from Hertford. They were fine chaps from the 1stHerts. Regimental band, all demobbed men. The dances that Winter were a great success, so it was agreed to hold them again the next Winter. 

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excerpt from 'Down Memory Lane' pp. 55 (113 words)


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