excerpt from 'Down Memory Lane' pp. 97 (123 words)

excerpt from 'Down Memory Lane' pp. 97 (123 words)

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Down Memory Lane

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The day arrived for our trip to Charmouth, a small but unspoilt seaside resort and a popular place for camping […] One evening a chappie turned up at our camp fire, which we had two or three nights, he had an accordion with him. He was passing he said, the fire looked inviting, so he dropped in and before we realised it we were singing camp songs with music and soon the whole camp was sitting around, but by 11 o’clock we had to finish up […]


In our second week we planned a social and dance […] First we got hold of our camp fire visitor and he agreed to supply the music […] we had a splendid evening. We had musical chairs and Blindfold supper […]

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excerpt from 'Down Memory Lane' pp. 97 (123 words)


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