excerpt from 'Notebook of John Lloyd Williams, 1907' (248 words)

excerpt from 'Notebook of John Lloyd Williams, 1907' (248 words)

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Notebook of John Lloyd Williams, 1907

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Jan 2nd 1907



Cymanfa Ganu yr Eglwsi Rhydian

Wilfred Jones conducting

 I only had the afternoon meeting and this was disappointing. The gathering was not nearly as large as our own gymanfa. There evidently had been no enthusiasm or thoroughness in preparation. This was due to several causes


a)      No conviction of the utility of the project. It can never be of any use until there is an interdenominational book.

b)      The jealousy of the local conductors. Half a dozen wished to show off.

 The prevalent faults were


1)      Indecision in attack and want of brilliancy of the sops.

2)      Tenors too open and frequently flat.

3)      Basses coarse and reedy in quality.

Wilfred is a good conductor but there were several things that were objectionable in his conducting.


a)      Though he looked up when he had a point to make or lead to give, his face and eyes were too much bent down on the book. In a gym[anf]a both conductor and audience should know the work suffici[entl]y well to be able to look at each other.

b)      Though he often conducted nicely and with restraint he often indulged in extravagant movements - a crouch and an upward spring, stamping and thumping.

c)      The most object[ionab[le feature was continual shouting of directions during the singing. It reminded one of a driver taking a load uphill shouting at and thumping the poor donkey. The effect is very unpleasant and destructive of all devotional feeling….

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excerpt from 'Notebook of John Lloyd Williams, 1907' (248 words)


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