excerpt from ''On Spital Fields' thank-you messages' (156 words)

excerpt from ''On Spital Fields' thank-you messages' (156 words)

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'On Spital Fields' thank-you messages

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[Letter not dated]

I wanted to express my congratulations to all the performers and students who took part in the community cantata last week. It was a very special occasion with exceptional work being achieved by all involved. 


I have attended many concerts over the years but this would have to rank as one of the most impressive and memorable. The quality of singing and performance of the young people involved was astonishing considering the length and complexity of the music. Most importantly they were clearly really enjoying themselves. I hope that all the young people will remember this performance for years to come. I certainly will. 


[…] For me it was incredibly moving and I hugely enjoyed the contrasting sections and the weaving between different times, places and styles. The highlights were so many that it would be impossible to select a favourite. My only regret is that I didn’t come to all three performances. 

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excerpt from ''On Spital Fields' thank-you messages' (156 words)


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