excerpt from ''On Spital Fields' thank-you messages' (193 words)

excerpt from ''On Spital Fields' thank-you messages' (193 words)

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'On Spital Fields' thank-you messages

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[Letter dated 24 June 2005]

[…] I couldn’t let today go by without letting you, Alasdair Middleton [librettist], and everyone else involved know how profoundly I was affected by ‘On Spital Fields’. 


One reason for this was, of course, that this is a hugely powerful piece of work in its own right. I will say more about that in a moment. A second reason is more personal: that the evening so potently brought together themes—the locality, music, education, story—that have been central to my own life for many years. Third, the piece was a wonderful example of democratic, community creativity. For an hour and a bit, many of the divisions and difficulties that take up so much of our time and energy seemed simply to dissolve away. 


Throughout the performance (and especially to me what was certainly a Dies Irae), I was reminded of what you had said about a requiem mass. Almost by definition, a requiem takes us beyond time and place, and I think that somewhere in and around ‘On Spital Fields’ there is a requiem that belongs, not just to a small part of East London, but to the world. 

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excerpt from ''On Spital Fields' thank-you messages' (193 words)


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