excerpt from ''On Spital Fields' thank-you messages' (293 words)

excerpt from ''On Spital Fields' thank-you messages' (293 words)

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[Email dated 29 June 2005]

Almost a week has passed since I saw On Spital Fields at Christ Church—and I am still under its influence. It was such a moving experience that I do not really know where to begin. 



The concept of collaboration in and with the community was just brilliant. I was lucky enough to sit close to a man who had gone to one (or more?) schools to quiz children on their musical perception of stories/emotions; his account—at any rate what little I was able to hear of it—was fascinating. Jonathan Dove did a fantastic job putting it all together in such a way that you continually listened to wonderfully flowing music. The beautiful end of the long and many times sad story to the sound of song birds ensured that we all, audience and performers alike, left with broad and happy smiles on our faces. The performers, young and old, moved in and out like the most amazing clockwork. And visually, the figures in black with brown arms moving, weaving and waving, conveying joy and sadness was just unbelievable. It was superb choreography. 


I am sorry if this all sounds a bit over the top. But this is how I felt and feel about it. Maybe it could be re-shaped/adapted by and for other communities? Having seen the concentration on the faces of the kids and of the teenage girls (I sat near the door and saw then at close quarters as they came and left afterwards—it was most impressive): their involvement in a venture of this kind must have had an enormous effect on their lives and studies as well. 



Congratulations to you and all who made it possible—and PLEASE TAKE IT FURTHER. 


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excerpt from ''On Spital Fields' thank-you messages' (293 words)


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