excerpt from 'Two Men: A Memoir' pp. 149 (130 words)

excerpt from 'Two Men: A Memoir' pp. 149 (130 words)

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Two Men: A Memoir

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That afternoon we had a very successful outing; the only Company that went out, I think. At three I marched and doubled them out of the village; up the hill; round an oblong field on right; easy; into next field. Short speech on fitness by me in three lines; physical exercises; doubled that field also. Rapid march down road 1/4 mile more and back pretty smartly (about 142). In the evening, entered Lewis gunners on Company Roll and wrote to them. After that we listened to our gramophone and records we borrow from Irving. The chief features I have already mentioned; but to my huge delight Polgreen (B), who messed with us, brought his album with Schubert's Unfinished quartet, and I remembered the Quinby evenings and my Men, That was very good.

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excerpt from 'Two Men: A Memoir' pp. 149 (130 words)


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