excerpt from 'Two Men: A Memoir' pp. 95-6 (118 words)

excerpt from 'Two Men: A Memoir' pp. 95-6 (118 words)

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Two Men: A Memoir

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Have just been to a camp concert. There was a one-stringed violin with a trumpet attached, a very funny rifleman comedian, and a lady-reciter-a typical reciter, with a pale ivory complexion, dark eyebrows, rather tired look, and a clear-cut dental enunciation. It was rather good to feel spinal again. There is so little room for spinality in the Army. Still the lady was rather relentless-five recitations in two appearances and we missed having the funny rifleman again. One rifleman sang a rather doleful and unintelligible song with a rousing chorus to the words 'And a little child shall lead them'. This merged without any break into a series of ragtimes which he accompanied extremely skilfully on the bones.

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excerpt from 'Two Men: A Memoir' pp. 95-6 (118 words)


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