excerpt from 'Sam Myers: The Blues is My Story' pp. 92 (235 words)

excerpt from 'Sam Myers: The Blues is My Story' pp. 92 (235 words)

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Sam Myers: The Blues is My Story

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Ever since day one, there have been a lot of people, even if they have a style directly of their own, they usually had a tendency to copy off the other person before they went into their own thing. But a lot of them who started out that way never changed. They grew to be old men and their styles stayed the same. There's a gentleman called "Guitar Gable." There's so many people who sounded like him, until you never knew who was who, because they not only sounded like him, they used the same name. I know of about three or four Guitar Gables. The original was a blues guitarist who also played a lot of other stuff. But there were so many people playing the type of material that he played, until you didn't know one from the other. Like "Guitar Junior" that played with Muddy Waters for a long time, that was his key signature. His real name was Luther Johnson. There were a lot of guys who called themselves Guitar Junior. Clarence Garlow was sometimes called Guitar Junior. He was out of Louisiana. Lonnie Brooks was from Louisiana, too. He was Guitar Junior at one time when he was a young man. But he wound up saying, "Hey, this not going to work." He came out, left the name Guitar Junior alone and went into who he really is, Lonnie Brooks.

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excerpt from 'Sam Myers: The Blues is My Story' pp. 92 (235 words)


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