excerpt from 'Beginnings and Endings' pp. 36 (106 words)

excerpt from 'Beginnings and Endings' pp. 36 (106 words)

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Beginnings and Endings

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I remember well that at that first concert there was a pianist who impressed everybody. He was fairly young, intense and charming, and played with a sort of controlled fire which I found quite thrilling. What worried me was that he seemed to play with such tension that I felt he would burn out in a few years. I was proved wrong. He has played that fiercely ever since, and even better, and still seems as full of life as ever. His name is Clifford Curzon and to have played the Schumann Concerto with him then, and almost everything ever since, has really been a joy.

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excerpt from 'Beginnings and Endings' pp. 36 (106 words)


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