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Ian Maclaren

J. Lloyd Williams

Andrew Reed

Ann Granville Dewes

Ann Heap

Augusta, Princess of Wales


Caroline Abbott

Carrie Lee

Cassie Oliver

Catherine Hanmer

Catherine Talbot

Congregational Church Men's Group

D. (Dudley) Ryder


Dr Claver Morris

Elizabeth Worge née Collier

Elizabeth Sais

Frank Thomas Bullen

Frederick, Prince of Wales

6th Baron Byron

German Royal Family

Helena Perceval

Henry George Lock

Ieuan Gwyllt

Jack Lanigan

James (Jemmy) Collier

James Hogg

James Turnbull

Jeremiah Burroughs

Jesse Jackson

John Collier

John Egerton

John Henry Hume

John Perceval

John Spencer Curwen

Joseph Livingston

Liscombe Clarke

Mary (Molly) Collier

Mary Dalby

Megan Lloyd George

Megan Watts Hughes

Miss March

Moses Heap

Moses Owen Jones

Mourners at the funeral of Dr Thomas Kay Whitehead

John Fuller

Mr Thomson

Mr. George Smith

Mrs Turnbull

Mrs. Jack Lanigan

Napoléon Eugène Louis Jean Joseph Bonaparte

Olaudah Equiano

Olaudah Equiano

Philip Perceval

Reverend George Carleton

8th Baronet Anderson

Sir Roger Newdigate

Sir William Hamilton

Thomas Binney

Thomas Cooper

William ('Wullie') Flint Frame

William Cranston

William Heap

William Hutton

William Kent

Dr William Plumer Jacobs

a Scotch-American minister

a choir of Cumbrian peasant children and their director

a congregation

a member of the congregation

an old sea-faring man

chapel congregation

chapel congregation

church congregation

the congregation of Rehoboth Chapel, Goodshawfold

Jozef Boruwslaski

Charles Wesley

Dr. Lowell Mason

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