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1432902611539: Several young men were inside that house drinking ...

1432903863502: Early on polling day his candidate [Mr. Blount], f...

1432904266399: The next Royal event was the Coronation of Queen V...

1432904672972: Another event that was celebrated on a large scale...


1432905378291: "Good old Isaac," as Aldridge was called, besides ...

1432906430599: Another public exhibition of barbarity, also the l...

1432906875222: On this day, too, we had Jacks-in-the-Green. The c...

1432907888642: Ned Proposed that he, Gadd, and I should walk to O...

1432908203423: Song singing, too, was a great delight of my fathe...

1432908498288: I remember, when quite a boy, buying for my mother...

1432908752360: On all sorts of other occasions I have sung other ...

1432909062642: The most important public occasion I ever sang at ...

performance of 'Bonnets of Blue':

performance of 'Bonnie Dundee':

performance of 'Hearts of Oak':

performance of 'Just before the battle, Mother':

performance of 'Roast Beef of Old England':

performance of 'Rory O'More':

performance of 'The Brighton Camp':

performance of 'a Last Dying Confession':

performance of 'a folk song':

performance of 'band music':

performance of 'band music':

performance of 'band music':

performance of 'folk music':

performance of 'folk songs':

performance of 'folk songs':

performance of 'folk songs':

performance of 'songs':

performance of 'violin music':


Reminiscences of Horsham

publication place

Mrs. R. Downer


Christ's Hospital, Horsham

Oxford, and Christ's Hospital, Horsham

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