Great Britain

Kingdom of Great Britain



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Kingdom of Great Britain

William Gardiner

John Marsh

Hester Thrale

3rd Earl of Hardwicke

Aaron Cox

Abraham Dalby

Agnes Berry

Alexander Ewing

Alexander Gordon

Andrew Carleton

Anne Seymour Damer

Ann Jackson

Ann Law

Barbara Chichester

Barbara Chichester

Bertie Greatheed

Bridget Byng

Bridget Dunn

British nationals at Pisa

Catherine Delaney

Catherine Hutton

Catharine King

Catherine Talbot

Charity School children

Charity School children

Charity School children

Charles Moore

Charles Oakham

Charles Warman

Charlotte Belasyse

Charlton Byam Wollaston

Corry Courtney

Cumbrian peasants

Cumbrian peasants/wedding guests

Daniel Coats

Daniel Nightingale

Drury Lane audience

Dudley Ryder

Edward Harvey

Edward Law

12th Earl of Derby

Edward Williams

Edward Wright

Eleanor Errington

Eleanor Wheeler

Elizabeth (Bessy) Moore

Elizabeth Beaumont

Elizabeth Blackman

Duchess of Devonshire

Elizabeth Fox

Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Poor

Countess of Derby

Elizabeth Sturgess

Countess of Sutherland, Lady Gower

Elizabeth Turner

Countess of Hardwicke

Joseph Hayes

Francis Atoway

Francis Ingram-Seymour-Conway

Francis James Jackson

Francis Moore

4th Earl of Guilford

Francis Sullivan

George Abbott

Prince of Wales

George Hamilton-Gordon

George Hay Drummond

George Keith Elphinstone

George Marshall

Fifth Earl of Dunmore

Duchess of Bedford

Gilbert Thempest

Hannah Butler

First Viscount Sidmouth

2nd Earl Fauconberg

Henry Corner

Henry Courtney

Henry Gibson

Hester Maria ‘Queeney’ Elphinstone, neé Thrale

Isabella Stronge

James Cropp

James Frampton

James Hogg

James Nailer

James Smith

Jane Hortell

Jane Mullings

Fifth Viscount Torrington

John Bacon Sawry Morritt

John Bates

John Britton

John Clark

John Courtney

John Crouch

John Dearmore

John Donnoly

John Drew

John Egerton

John Elvar

John Ferquharson

John Harley

John Hudson

John Johnson

John Newbolt

John Osborn

John Penton

John Rickards

6th Duke of Bedford

John Trevor

John Williams

John Yeoman

John York

Joseph Akins

Joseph Akins

Joseph Craig

Joseph Gray

Joseph Johnson

Joseph Orpwood

Joseph Sisterron

Juliana Ewing

Justice Poulson

Keppel Richard Craven

King George III

Lady Anne Belasyse

Lady Charlotte Campbell

Lady Charlotte Lindsay

Lady Dysart

Lady Frances Warren

Lady Harriet Tancred

Lady Louisa Berry

Lavinia Frances (Fanny) Calvert

Lord Carteret

Lord W. Russell

Lumley St George Skeffington


Margaret Jones

Margaret Lindsay

Margaret Mercer Elphinstone

Margaret Nelson

Mariana Starke

Martha Riley

Mary Ann Simmons

Mary Anniball

Mary Berry

Countess of Cork and Orrery

Mary Bradley

Mary Curtain

Mary Cut and Come-Again

Mary Foster

Mary Frampton

Mary Godfrey

Mary Paris

Mary Prince

Mary Sinclair

Mary Taylor

Mary Warnett

John Law

Mr Litchfield

Mr Mullings

Mr. Senhouse

Mr. Senhouse

Mr. Wilson

Mrs Bates

Mrs Boutflower

Mrs Bowes's maid

Mrs Freel

Mrs. Cherry

Maria Revely

New Lanark school children

Nicolson Calvert

Obertus Hamley

Osborne Skinnner

Philippa Godfrey

Pricilla Mahon [Trilcourt]

Duke of Cambridge

Duke of Cumberland, later King of Hanover

Duke of York

Prince Regent

Prince William

Princess of Wales

Princess Elizabeth

Duchess of York

Princess Margaret

Ralph Cutler

Richard Colt Hoare

Richard Murrel

Richard Payne Knight

Richard Snell

Robert Anderson

Robert Armstrong

Robert Berry

Robert Clinton

Robert Copley

Robert Drout

Samuel Dean

Samuel Morris

Lady Lyttelton

Sir Edward Berry

Sir Philip Francis

6th Baronet of Tancred

Sir William Hamilton

Smith Dalton

Lady de Clifford

Lady Dunmore

The Lockes

Thomas Adcock

Thomas Courtney

Thomas Holcroft

Thomas Mayo

Thomas Morgan

Thomas Moss

Thomas Richardson

Thomas Sanderson

Thomas Welch

Two young ladies

Walter Hunniford

Walter Roberts


William Barrett

William Cherry Jnr.

William Cherry

William Cotterell

William Gell

William Humphreys

William Hutton

William Jackson

3rd Baron Lyttelton and 3rd Baron Westcote

William More

William Pain

William Riley

William Rogers

William Shield

William Stewart Rose

William Throckmorton

William Townley

William Wilson

Young Cumbrian peasants and Cumbrian householders

a 'country audience'

a Watchman

a choir of Cumbrian peasant children and their director

a soldier

street children

two or three soldiers

Dame Ethel Mary Smyth

George Frideric Handel

Prince of Wales

Charles Wesley

Edward Miller

country of citizenship
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