City of New Haven

New Haven, Connecticut

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New Haven, Connecticut

1433976944880: ... went straight to New Haven where Phyllis Curti...

1435673871941: The day after the birthday fĂȘte I cam here for two...

1436392748564: To New Haven in a blizzard with Jaime Laredo, who ...

performance of 'Lions':

performance of 'Various Songs':

performance of 'Violin Concerto':


The George Eliot Letters, vol. 1: 1836-1851

The George Eliot Letters, vol. 3: 1859-1861

The George Eliot Letters, vol. 4: 1862-1868

The George Eliot letters, Vol. 2: 1852-1858

The Leonard Bernstein Letters

The Letters of Leonard Bernstein

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