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1409692544795: In 1918, when I was two, my parents smuggled me in...

1409693067218: Once a year at the Fairmont Hotel, Anker’s budding...

1409693248514: Of the many reasons I have to hold Persinger in lo...

1409693551541: It was on a Wednesday afternoon that Persinger agr...

1409763453792: These years of my becoming acquainted with the vio...

1409764054028: Dazzling as Heifetz was, I felt confident that my ...

1409764414168: […] the most important was the idea that one day I...

1409950016671: There was in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra ...


1420833270493: I paused at the concert hall where three girls wer...



1436011016234: I met Dave [Brubeck] in 1944 when he was coming th...


performance of 'Orchestral Suite from 'Parsifal'':

performance of ''Façade'':

performance of ''Gypsy Airs'':

performance of ''Jeptha's Daughter'':

performance of ''Lovers'':

performance of 'Adagio from Bach Solo Sonata for violin in G minor':

performance of 'Brahms violin concerto':

performance of 'Enesco Symphony ':

performance of 'Persinger's reaction to a performance of Mozart A Major violin concerto by a young Yehudi Menuhin':

performance of 'Piastro's staccato':

performance of 'Sonata for flute, viola and harp':

performance of 'Suite':

performance of 'Symphony Orchestra concert':

performance of 'Visiting concert violinists in San Francisco':

performance of 'jazz piano music':

performance of 'trumpet with mute music':


The Autobiography of Pops Foster, New Orleans Jazzman

The Later Diaries of Ned Rorem 1961-1972

The Nantucket Diary of Ned Rorem 1973-1985

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Hepzibah Menuhin

Paul Desmond


George Pops Foster

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