Great Britain and Ireland

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland



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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Edward Roe

William Howard Russell

A party of army officers

Archibald Edward Douglas

Charles Clark

1st Baron Stuart de Rothesay

Charlie Goss

Charlotte Neave


Countess Granville

Countess Granville

Dr John Moore

1st Earl of Harrowby

Edward Taylor

Edward Tuite Dalton

5th Earl of Jersey

George Canning

Georgiana Charlotte Fullerton, née Leveson-Gower

Granville George Leveson-Gower

Lord Granville

Harriet Georgiana Mundy

Countess Granville

Henry Luttrell

Henry Swinburne

James Paul Cobbett

James Russel

John Hall Smyth

4th Earl of Darnley

2nd Baron Templetown

John Joseph Henry

4th Earl of Milltown

Katherine Henderson

Lady Elizabeth Feilding

Lady Emily Eleanor Hamilton (née Leslie-Melville)

Lady Emily Elizabeth Henry

Lady Louisa Petty-Fitzmaurice

1st Baron Raglan

7th Countess of Dysart

Major William Shirley

Maria Edgeworth

Countess of Ilchester

Martin Archer Shee

Men of the 14th Light Dragoons

Miss Stewart

Miss Vernon

Mr and Mrs Joe Hawker

Peter Hawker's daughters

Prince Albert

Sir George Elvey

Rev. George Townsend

Richard Power

Robert Augustine Luke Nunns

Robert Stapleton Cotton

Samuel Sharp

Countess of Jersey

2nd baronet

2nd Baronet Stronge, of Tynan Abbey

2nd Baronet

Susan Leveson-Gower

Lady Harrowby

The Johnstons

The Leveson-Gower boys

The Leveson-Gower boys

The Leveson-Gower children

Thomas Binney

Thomas Crofton Croker

William Austin

Sixth Duke of Devonshire

William J. Thoms

4th Earl of Mornington

William Thom

William Williams

other Irish guests of Thomas Moore

George Alexander Osborne

Paddy Phipps

Sir Thomas M'Kenney

Unknown Male Prisoner

Charles Hallé

1st Baron Stuart de Rothesay

George Bernard Shaw

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