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1407247453028: Lordsday. To my Lord; and with him to Whitehall ch...

1407248060320: So to Whitehall, where I stayed to hear the trumpe...

1407576519066: Lords day. Lay long abed. To Mr. Messums; a good s...

1407576747323: Lords day. To Whitehall to chapel, where I got in ...

1407577482924: Whitsunday. By water to Whitehall and there to Cha...

1407577758621: Lords day. To Whitehall Chappell, where I heard a ...

1407754724354: At Chappell I had room in the Privy Seale pew with...

1408030812483: ...I... to Sir G. Carteret’s again, and so took co...

1408031766971: [T]o the Chapel, it being St. Peter’s day, and did...

1408135107828: [...] so to Whitehall and sent my coach round, and...

1408144312086: So I to Whitehall, and there all the evening on th...

1408144586686: The King's birth day. To Whitehall, where all very...

1408485094714: [December] 21: of his Majesties Chaplains pr...

1408532029276: [December] 18 I dind at the greate entertainement ...



performance of 'ceremonial music at Lord Nelson's funeral procession':

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performance of ''There are coming'':

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performance of ''A few more years shall roll'':

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performance of 'Anthem':

performance of 'Anthem':

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performance of 'Anthem on Christmas Day':

performance of 'Anthem':

performance of 'Anthem':

performance of 'Ceremonial music at entertainment given for the Venetian Ambassadors':

performance of 'French violin music during service':

performance of 'Italian songs':

performance of 'Organ music':

performance of 'Setting of Psalm 51':

performance of 'Trumpets and kettledrums':


Lord Clifden

King Charles II of England

Thomas Killigrew

death place

The Chapel Royal, Whitehall, London

On a boat, Whitehall

Whitehall Court, London

Whitehall Stairs, Whitehall, London

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