A jury

A party of army officers





working men

Audience at a concert

Audience for a charity performance

Audience in Poland

Audience in Teheran

Austrian Royalty

Barcelona audience

Birth Night Society members

Black South Africans

Boatmen and Passengers

Brighton family

British nationals at Pisa

British soldiers and officers

Card players

Cathedral congregation

Church choir and congregation

Church members, children and adults


Clowes Primitive Methodist Chapel congregation

Concert audience


Congregational Church Men's Group

Congregational Church Women's Group

County Durham villagers

County Durham villagers

Creek Indians

Daughters of Lady North

Dinner guests of the Spencers

Dinner guests

Dinner guests

Drury Lane audience

Elizabeth Seward's sisters

English colonial government officials

English prisoners

German Royal Family


Guests at Chapel House Inn

Guests at a garden party

Guests at a private soirée

Guests at the Meshchersky's holiday retreat in Gurzuf

Henrietta Burkin's uncles

Holiday makers

House guests of the Duke of Rutland

Hugh Oldham's Boys Club

ILP members

Judges of the US Supreme Court

King and Queen of the Sandwich Islands

Ladies at a New Year celebration

Landlord and his wife

Landlord and landlady

Leeds audiences

Listeners to music

Littleton family

London audiences

London audiences

Manchester working men

Masters, aldermen, sheriffs and crafts of London

Members of Anna Pavlova's ballet company

Members of Pavlova's ballet company

Members of Pavlova's ballet company

Members of the Arts League of Service Travelling Players

Members of the Arts League of Service

Members of the Bridge family

Methodist preachers

Mourners at a funeral

Mourners of Felix Mendelssohn

Mr and Mrs Fletcher

Mr and Mrs Joe Hawker

Mr. Alcock's guests

Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson

Mrs. Molesworth and gentlewomen of quality

Native American Indians

Neighbours from Longparish


Other guests at Chatsworth

Oxfordshire villagers

Parents of Gissing children

Peter Hawker's daughters

Poor women and children of the Petworth area

Prince and Princess Lowenstein and their son

Province of New Hampshire settlers

Province of New York settlers

Psychiatric patients

Radstock neighbours


Royal Marine Cadets

Royal Marine Exam Board

Schoolfriends of Denis Matthews

St. Augustine inhabitants

St. Michaels Town, Barbados inhabitants

Stanton Drew Methodist congregation


Students of the Bestuzhev Institute in Saint Petersburg

The Brudenels

The Falcks

The Frampton family

The Johnstons

The Keenes

The King's guard

The Leveson-Gower boys

The Leveson-Gower boys

The Leveson-Gower children

The Lockes

The Royal Family

The Salviatis

The clerks of London

The congregation in St. Paul's

The people

Two young ladies

Unknown listeners

Usworth village residents


Vienna Orchestra

Vienna audience

Villagers in Sierra Leone

Welsh-American expatriates

Wodzinska Family

World War I British soldiers and officers

Worshipful men and women

York audiences

a Genoese opera audience

a Venetian audience

a group of friends

a mob of settlers

a party of men

a party of ten

anonymous audience

chapel congregation

chapel congregation

children of Caernarfon

congregation (reportedly present in Langley Burrell on Nov 22, 1874)

conjuror and audience

hospital patients

members of the US Congress

members of the Welsh Folk Song Society

members of the royal family of Sardinia

nightclub audience

nightclub audience

one hundred well-armed men

rural folk, Dumfries and Galloway

school children

school concert audience

six or seven unnamed men


the Ellisdon family

the public


theatre audience

two or three soldiers

unnamed persons at a pub

wedding guests

French Ambassadors

Mourners at the funeral service of Felix Mendelssohn



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