Contributor Newsletter 8

Technical update
This evening, the LED development team will be applying updates to various aspects of the site. These include changes to how the search results are displayed and the titles given to each listening experience. Minor cosmetic changes are being made to the homepage (such as the font size and layout). Whilst further work is anticipated once we’ve consulted with KMi’s web designer, the main change that you will see is how an individual record is displayed for each listening experience. We are also introducing support for the linked data set, MusicBrainz. This should increase the usability and ease of inputting music-related details into the music sub-form.


Contributor Newsletter 7

Our apologies for the rather lengthy gap since the last newsletter – which we can only put down to the distraction of preparing for the symposium on 20 November.

Symposium 2014

The symposium was very successful - it was great to see those of you who were able to come along, and for those who couldn’t, all the sessions were recorded, and Simon is currently editing the videos. The size of the files means that this is quite a time-consuming job, so please bear with us – they are destined for the website, and we’ll let you known as soon as they’re available.


Contributor Newsletter 6

Technical update

If you’ve been into the website in the last couple of days, you’ll have noticed that it’s had a make-over. Or rather, it’s in the process of having a makeover. The homepage is largely done – there are just one or two tweaks which Alessandro will make when he’s back from giving his LED demo at the International Semantic Web Conference.


Contributor Newsletter 5

Welcome to the latest newsletter from The Listening Experience Database

Publication of LED Linked Open Data

We're excited to announce that our colleagues at the Knowledge Media Institute at The Open University have just published all the data held in the Listening Experience Database.


Contributor Newsletter 3

1,000 entries!
We have reached a small milestone by breaking the 1,000 submissions barrier! There’s a bit of work yet to do to approve them all and get them into the database, but well done and thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far. We say a small milestone, because our target by the end of 2015 is ten times that – time to press on with the next 1,000!


Contributor Newsletter 2

Submissions to the database

Many thanks to those of you who were busy entering data over Easter! We’re still rather a long way from hitting our weekly target though (ideally, we want more than 100 a week, and at the moment we’re getting only about half of that), so please – if you have the time, roll your sleeves up and get as many entries in as you can.



Contributor Newsletter 1

Hello! This is the first of a regular series of newsletters to keep you up to date with what’s happening on the project. We’ll aim to put a newsletter together once a month for you.

Technical update

We will be trialling the next batch of updates on the test site over the next few weeks – the plan is to release them on the main site in the first week of June.



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