Research outputs

  • Simon Brown has had an article describing the project published in the British Universities Film & Video Council’s journal, Viewfinder, available at
  • Simon Brown and Alessandro Adamou presented a joint paper (written in collaboration with Helen Barlow and Mathieu D’Aquin), ‘Building listening experience Linked Data through crowd-sourcing and reuse of library data’, at the 1st International Digital Libraries for Musicology workshop (DLfM 2014), part of the ACM/IEEE Digital Libraries conference, City University, London, 12 September 2014. The paper has been published in the conference proceedings at doi 10.1145/2660168.2660172
  • On 21 October, Alessandro Adamou gave a LED demo at the 13th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2014), Riva del Garda, Italy. This has been published in the conference proceedings at as A. Adamou, M. D’Aquin, H. Barlow, S. Brown, (2014), ‘LED: curated and crowdsourced Linked Data on Music Listening Experiences’.
  • Trevor Herbert gave a paper on ‘The military and provincial music in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries’ at the RMA and Leeds University Centre for English Music Study Day ‘Amateur Music-Making in the British Provinces’ at University of Leeds, School of Music, on 18 June.
  • Helen Barlow gave a paper at the Research Center for Music Iconography conference ‘Sounds of War and Victories’ at City University New York on 11 November. Entitled ‘From the band of musick to the concert party, c. 1780-1918: the changing role of musical entertainment in the British army’, the paper will be published in the 2016 edition of the journal Music in Art.
  • Publicity and dissemination

    • Unlike the 2013 event, the 2014 symposium, held at the RCM on 20 November, was open to attendees from outside the two institutions. It generated a number of potential contacts to be followed up. The morning was dedicated to papers and discussion on digital humanities themes, the keynote address being given by Prof. Andrew Prescott, AHRC Leadership Fellow in Digital Transformations. The other papers were given by project team members. All the sessions were recorded and will appear on the website once edited.
    • On 15 November 2014, Simon Brown gave a presentation on LED at the 41st AEC (Association of European Conservatoires) Annual Congress and General Assembly, at the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. This generated a number of potential contacts with other institutions in Europe, the US and Australia which are being followed up.
    • On 9 October 2014 Simon Brown, Ivan Hewett, Dr Tânia Lisboa and Dr Ingrid Pearson gave a talk at the Grove Forum. This is the RCM's public lecture series and their talk gave an overview of the project as well as highlighting the variety of evidence that has been found so far, in addition to providing details of how people can become involved.
    • Simon Brown and Ivan Hewett gave a pre-concert talk about the project at the Cheltenham Music Festival on 11 July. This resulted in the project organisers inviting us to use listening experiences provided from their festival audiences over the years. Organisers of the Spitalfields Festival were also in attendance and have since offered similar material.
    • ProfTrevor Herbert was interviewed about the project by Tom Service on Radio 3’s Music Matters on 28 June 2014. The programme details can be found at
    • The project was represented at two OU alumni events at the OU campus in Milton Keynes on 20 June and 3 October 2014.
    • On 23 May 2014, we held a ‘Wales study day’ at the OU in Wales in Cardiff. Academic papers were given by project team members and two external speakers. The detailed programme can still be found at Subsequently, Helen Barlow and Trevor Herbert visited the National History Museum in Cardiff at the invitation of the music curator, who attended the study day, to investigate transcripts of a specific oral history collection focusing on Welsh folk song. This collection, together with wider knowledge exchange/impact activity with the National Museum of Wales, is likely to feature in the new bid.
    • In April 2014, Prof. Robert Fraser gave the Annual Breslauer Lecture at University of California Los Angeles. The lecture '"Concerning that we cannot count": Reception, Information and Meaning' compared the methodologies of the Reading Experience and Listening Experience Databases. He also gave a version of this talk to the Book History Group at Harvard.
    • Prof. David Rowland, Dr Helen Barlow and Simon Brown presented a seminar on the project at the OU’s Digital Humanities seminar series on 3 April 2014. This is publically available at
    • Dr Helen Barlow and Simon Brown attended the Digital Music Lab 1st Workshop on Analysing Big Music Data on 19 March 2014, an AHRC Digital Transformations project carried out by City University London, Queen Mary University of London, University College London and the British Library. It aims to facilitate and perform musicologically-motivated research of large musical datasets, by applying state of the art music information retrieval and data analysis methods (see: Simon was asked to participate in the panel discussion at the end.
    • Dr Helen Barlow had an article about the project published on the website The Conversation
    • As a way of laying some foundations for a possible future scholarly society and/or journal, we have set up a ‘Listening Experience Network’ site – something slightly detached from the LED project site that might ultimately become the home of a society if LED gains enough international momentum over time. The site is still in its very early stages, and we aim to populate it with news and resources, and to make it a focus for any contacts we develop. We anticipate that it will come more into its own with the conference, but in the meantime, it can be viewed at