Contributor Newsletter 11

With apologies for the gap since the last one, here is the latest newsletter.

LED conference

Registration is now open for our conference in October. The conference programme is full of interesting papers – take a look at it on the website at . We are waiting for one or two final abstracts, but these should also be available on the website soon. Please do come if you can – we would love to see you there. You can register for a single day or the whole weekend.


[UPDATED] Data entry update

Update: the mini-map is now able to render places extracted from text and trip start/end points.

A major site update was rolled out today. This revision mostly addresses features of the data entry form for registered contributors, and upgrades the data model of listening experience.

Below is the changelog of this update:

Data entry form - new features

Contributor Newsletter 10

Technical update

An update is scheduled in the next couple of weeks. It will include numerous enhancements but the main difference that you are likely to see is on the entry form. Our colleagues at KMi have been working on improving the way search results appear when you begin to type information on the entry form. The improvements will return more detail so that it should be easier to determine which is the correct value to select. This will be applied to fields such as the source, music title, listener alternate name or surname, the location fields and listener nationality. Due to the format of the external dataset that we intend to draw on for the nationality, this will be renamed ‘Country of origin’. As always, we hope these improvements will help make the process smoother and more reliable but we always welcome your feedback. So, please get in touch if you have any observations (good or bad!).


Contributor Newsletter 9

LED conference call for papers
As you know, the LED conference ‘Listening to music: people, practices and experiences, takes place at the RCM in October. You can read more about the conference and the Call for Papers on our website: . We've had a number of proposals for papers, but the deadline is now approaching fast! So if you would like to submit a proposal, please ensure that it reaches us before midnight on 12 April by emailing it to:


Contributor Newsletter 8

Technical update
This evening, the LED development team will be applying updates to various aspects of the site. These include changes to how the search results are displayed and the titles given to each listening experience. Minor cosmetic changes are being made to the homepage (such as the font size and layout). Whilst further work is anticipated once we’ve consulted with KMi’s web designer, the main change that you will see is how an individual record is displayed for each listening experience. We are also introducing support for the linked data set, MusicBrainz. This should increase the usability and ease of inputting music-related details into the music sub-form.


Contributor Newsletter 7

Our apologies for the rather lengthy gap since the last newsletter – which we can only put down to the distraction of preparing for the symposium on 20 November.

Symposium 2014

The symposium was very successful - it was great to see those of you who were able to come along, and for those who couldn’t, all the sessions were recorded, and Simon is currently editing the videos. The size of the files means that this is quite a time-consuming job, so please bear with us – they are destined for the website, and we’ll let you known as soon as they’re available.



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