Thomas Gray in Genoa - 21 November, 1739

from Letter from Mr Gray to Mr West, Genoa, Nov. 21, 1739, page 108:

To-day was, luckily, a great festival, and in the morning we resorted to the church of the Madonna delle Vigne, to put up our little orisons (I believe I forgot to tell you, that we have been some time converts to the holy Catholic Church); we found our Lady richly dressed out, with a crown of diamonds on her own head, another upon the child’s, and a constellation of wax lights burning before them. Shortly after came the doge, in his robes of crimson damask, and a cap of the same, followed by the senate in black. Upon his approach began a fine concert of music, and among the rest two …   more >>
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Thomas Gray, Letter from Mr Gray to Mr West, Genoa, Nov. 21, 1739. In John Drinkwater (ed.), Gray's Poems, Select Letters and Essays (1912), p. 108. accessed: 23 May, 2024

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Thomas Gray
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Music for the festival of the Madonna delle Vigne

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Date/Time 21 November, 1739
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