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1412008344000: Looking back at the sixties, when I was growing up...

1412008511861: We turned up unexpectedly at this guy’s house one ...

1412008723330: There were a number of different and distinct styl...

1412009124475: The music we listened to was an important part of ...

1412009286750: The girls that I hung round with from school used ...

1412091094619: There was a record shop where we all used to go on...

1412091225285: Listening to music was a shared experience..., whe...

1412091435869: The whole thing about music at that time [the 1970...

1412091566810: Watching Top of the Pops was never a real pleasure...

1412091810305: You would wait all week if some favourite band lik...

1412154654799: I was a great fan of James Taylor and used to list...

1412154966621: In the late 1950s, my parents bought a record play...

1412155168150: There were transistor radios with little earplugs ...

1412155454130: I remember buying my first stereo in 1976. I was e...

1412155657235: There is not the least doubt that quadraphonic 8 T...

1412160346219: One thing which I did notice was that at the begin...

1412160532747: I suppose that everybody remembers the music that ...

1412173152908: At risk of sounding like some typical middle-aged ...

1412173331308: I know that the lyrics of some of my favourite ban...

1412174230298: Of course all teenagers feel that the music they e...

1422306310430: ...but the music was good too, and so were the sto...













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performance of 'War Requiem':


Valentine Ackland

David Attenborough

Somerset John Gough-Calthorpe

Joseph Conrad

Du Pré, Hilary, 1942-

Du Pré, Piers, 1948-

Geoffrey Elleray

Ada Galsworthy

William Gardiner

Thomas Gray

William Hickey

Jack House

Philip Larkin

Georgina Lee

Ian Maclaren

John Nicol

Wilfred Owen

Benedict Rubbra

Dave Simpson

Thomas twining

John Westcott

J. Lloyd Williams

[Lewis?] Sapio

4th Baronet

A Leeds painter/decorator

A son of Eliza Merewether

Ada Elliott

Adelaide Dorothea Forbes

Agnes Cowper

Agnes Smart Livingston

Prince of Wales

Alfred Deahl

Alice Gertrude Croswell

Alice M. Collis

Alice Marian Croswell, née Burbridge

Alice Maud Chase

An unnamed sister of George Eden

Anastasia Mary Moore

Ann Hamilton

Ann Heap

Anna Maria Selina Locke

Anne Jane Barbara Moore

Annie Ellis

Anonymous (member of Festival Council)


Arthur Gill

Augusta de Ameland (née Murray)

Augusta Emma d'Este

Aunt Jemima

Averil Edith Thomas

3rd Baron de Robeck

Ben Turner's brother

Ben Turner

Benedict Rubbra

1st Baronet

Bill Goss

Brighton family

British soldiers and officers

Countess of Ilchester

Caroline Lamb

Caroline Selina Forbes

Catherine Graham-Harrison, OBE

Catherine Mackintosh

Catherine Pole-Tylney-Long-Wellesley

Catherine Sarah Dorothea Wellesley

Catherine Stephens

Cecil George Harwood

Charles Brinsley Sheridan

Charles C.F. Greville

Charles Feilding

Charles Kemble

8th Lord Kinnaird of Inchture

2nd Baronet Lemon

Charles Lewis Phipps

Charles Prentice

Charles Richard Fox

5th Duke of Dorset

Charles Spencer Churchill

Charles Theodosius Heath

Charlotte Anne Lemon

Colin Henderson

Cosmo Sheldrake

Daisy Cowper

David Charles Mather

David Cutler

3rd Earl of Mansfield

Dora Bargate

Dora Hannan

Dorothy 'Daisy' Cowper

Dr John Moore

Dr William Spark

Edna Bold

Edward Forster

Edward Stewart-Humphries

Eliza Maria Merewether

Countess of Darnley

Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Emma Cunliffe[-Offley]

Elizabeth Knepp

Elizabeth Vassall Fox

Ellen Gill

Ellen Home Purves

Emma Forster

Empress Frederick

Ernest Augustus Edgcumbe

Ernest Cowper

Ernest Deahl

Ethel M. Clark

Farmer Ashford

Farmer Swift

Foster Cunliffe[-Offley]

5th Baronet Burdett

Frank Goss

Frederic Walter Gadsby

Countess of Mansfield

3rd Earl of Bessborough

James Geddes

General Ramsay

Geoffrey Court

2nd Baron Rancliffe

1st Earl of Auckland

6th Earl of Granard

6th Baron Byron

George Gregory

2nd Earl Spencer

George Julian Harney

George Law

George Townsend Warner

Gertrude Allen

Gladys Harwood

Herbert J. Harris

Harriet Frankland Lewis

Harry Akers

Harry Alfred West

Harry Bellamy

Helen Mort

Helen Spenceley

Henrietta Burkin's mother

Mr Hart

Henrietta Burkin's uncles

Henrietta Burkin

Countess of Bessborough

Henry Croswell

Henry George Lock

Henry Hall Joy

Henry Matthews

3rd Marquess of Lansdowne

3rd Baron Holland

Henry Rowley Bishop

3rd Earl of Ilchester

21st Baron de Ros

Hilda Fowler

1st Earl Fortescue

Hugh Frederic Gadsby

Ieuan Gwyllt

Isabella Elizabeth Thynne

Countess of Cork

Isobel Mary Bradbury

Israel Zangwill

J.R. Anderson

Jack Lanigan

Jack Story

James Booth

James Douglas

James Kenney

James Riley

James Turnbull

Jane Davy

Baroness Methuen of Corsham

Jean Court

Jesse Jackson

Joan Crossley-Holland

John Bold

John Caldicott

1st Baron Broughton

1st Baron Crewe

John Erskine Douglas

John Evans-Pughe

11th Earl of Westmorland, Lord Burghersh

1st Earl Cawdor of Castlemartin

John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland Campbell

John Hensleigh Allen

John Pearse

John Rock Grosett

John Skelton

John Spencer Curwen

Jonathan Dove

Jonathan Harvey

Joseph Fuller

Joseph H. Armitage

Joseph Jekyll

Josephine Ferguson

Katherine Henderson

Katie Tearle

Ken Burton

Kevan Collins

Kevin Crossley-Holland

L J Roberts

Labour Party and TUC delegates to Russia

Labour Party and TUC delegates to Russia

Labour Party and TUC delegates to Russia

Labour Party and TUC delegates to Russia

Labour party and TUC delegates to Russia

Labour party and TUC delegates to Russia

Lady Ann Hunloke

Lady Anna Stirling-Maxwell [née Leslie-Melville]

Lady Anna Stirling-Maxwell

Lady Lavinia Spencer

Lady Mary Cavendish-Bentinck

Lady Susan Douglas

Lady Susan Leslie-Melville

Lavinia Forster

Leonard Isaacs

Leonard W. Ellisdon


Littleton family

Lord Clifden

Lord Edward Pelham Clinton

Louisa Emma Petty-Fitzmaurice

Louisa Thynne

Lucy Drew

Lydia Rogers White

Margaret Chinnery

Baroness de Robeck

Mary Dulcibella Eden

Mary Fortescue

Mary Georgiana Emma Seymour

Mary Laura Triggle

Mary Seacole

Mary Spencer Grosett

Matt Spenceley

Maud Clarke

Kenneth McPherson

Megan Lloyd George

Megan Watts Hughes

Merlin Sheldrake

Methodist preachers

Michael Kerr

Minnie Frisby

Miss [Mary Anne?] Addington

Miss S Hughes

Misses Kingston

Moses Heap

Moses Owen Jones

Mr and Mrs Ellison

Mr. Thomas Jordan

Mr. Thomas Jordan

Mr. Thomas Jordan

Mr. Thomas Jordan

Mr. Thomas Jordan

Mr. Thomas Jordan

Mr. West

Mrs Agnes Cowper

Mrs Breen

Mrs Cowie

Mrs Gordon

Mrs. Carmichael

Mrs. Ellisdon

Mrs. Jack Lanigan

Mrs. R. Downer

Nellie Goss

Nora Isabel Adnams

1st Baron Methuen of Corsham

Peter Crossley-Holland

Philip Flood

Polly Hope

Polly Hope

Poor women and children of the Petworth area

Countess of Westmorland, Lady Burghersh

née Gamblin

Reuben Moody

Rev. George Pearson

8th Baronet Anderson

Richard Edgcumbe

Richard Hudson

Richard W. Morris

18th Baron Clinton

Robert Herbert Brabant

Robert Roberts

1st Baron Lyveden

Roger Deakin

Royal Marine Cadets

Royal Marine Exam Board

Ruth Cox

Sally Crossley-Holland

Samuel Lysons

Samuel Rogers

Scrope Berdmore Davies

Sean Borodale

Countess of Granard

Sir Francis Leggatt Chantrey

5th Baronet Webster

Sir Humphry Davy

Sir Robert Adair

Sir Thomas Lawrence

Sir William Drummond

Sophia Phipps

Lady de Clifford

Squire Western

Stanton Drew Methodist congregation

Susan Murray

Susan Silvester

Syd Foley

Terry Reid

The Frampton family

The Hugheses

The Salmons

The brother of Robert Vernon [Smith]

Thomas Beedham

Thomas Cairns Livingston Jnr.

Thomas Cairns Livingston

Thomas Cooper

Thomas Robert Malthus

Thomas Shorter

Tommy Livingston

Unknown listener

Verbena Daphne Brighton

Violet Austin

W. N. Nicholson

Wadham Locke

Walter Cooper

Walter J.E. Elliott

William Crowe

William Dickinson

William George Elliott

William Heap

2nd Viscount Melbourne

William Linley

William Lisle Bowles

William Robert Spencer

William Walsham How

Willie Cowper

Woodhouse Carr Methodist Church Choirmaster

World War I British soldiers and officers

Zadie Smith

a Cornwall Vicar

a brother of Richard W. Morris

a group of friends

an unidentified man

anonymous male

anonymous married couple

another daughter of Lavinia Forster

chapel congregation

chapel congregation

daughters of Lady Susan Douglas

members of the Welsh Folk Song Society

school concert audience

the Ellisdon family

the Turner family

the Turner family

the Turner family

the Turner family

the Turner family

the misses Gordon

two further Houlton daughters

18th Kings Liverpool Battalion

Annie Abberley

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley

Ashley Leather

Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon


Benjamin Waddington

Benny Green

Bertha Collier

Billy Ternent

British Army officers

British soldiers

Captain James Cook

C.E. Hallé

Charles Pochin, Esq., of Barkby

Charles Wilfred Lee

Charlotte Elizabeth Canning

Chris Arthur

Corporal Ryder

Cristabel Ellis

Cyril Dennys

D. Whiteman

Miss Dawson

Donald Francis Tovey

George J. Elvey

Dr. Pritchard

Stephen Elvey

Duke of Cambridge

E.A.(Ted) Hoare

Edward Keeling

Effie Ruskin

Eleanora Pemberton

Ernest Bunsen

Ernest Todd

Esther M. Hannigan

Evelyn Southwell

F.B. Vaughan

Florence Younghusband

Frances Helen Bunsen

Frances Williams Wynn

Frank Sumpter

Frescheville Holles

General Sir Evelyn Wood

Geoffrey C. Feldman

George Ent

George Whitehead

Georgina Mary Ann Waddington (nee Port)

Gillian V. McDermott

Harry Illtyd Lee

Henry Bright Weir

Henry Burstow

Henry Harris

Henry Slingsby

Hermann Klein

Horace Bundy

Iris Greep

J W Pennington

Jack Gearing

James Haynes-Dixon

John Ella

John Galsworthy

John Mackenzie-Rogan

Earl of Sandwich

John Theophilus Lee

John Thomas Jackson

John Wesley

John Lydon

Joseph J Brown

Julia Charlotte Maitland

K. A. Silverstone

King Charles II of England

King George III

Kitty Eckersley

Lady Augusta Bruce

Hon. Cecilia Harbord

Lady Louisa Knightley

Lady Mary Monkswell

Lady Mary Wood

Len Whitehead

Lieutenant Pollock

Lina Waterfield

Lionel Bradley

1st Marquess of Lincolnshire

Lord Derby

Lord Dudley

Lord George Cavendish

Lord Granville

Lord John Russell


Lord Sandwich

M. Hall

Malcolm White

Maria Vincent Germon

Marjorie Llewellyn

Martin O'Connell

Mary Ann Jackson

Mary Mercer

Mick Parker

Minna Constance Lee

Miss Mounsey

Montague Cleeve

Mr. F. Markham

Mrs Haworth

Mrs Jackson

Neil A. C. Weir

Nina Webb

Norman Demuth

Paul Clarke

Peter Smart

Philip Sylvester

Polly Reynolds

Duke of Albany

Grand Duchess of Hesse and by Rhine

Princess Helena

Duchess of Argyll

Queen Victoria

Queeney Thrale

Richard Jackson

Robert Murray

Robert Saddington

Ronald Storrs

Rumer Godden

Ruth Armstrong

Sarah Jane Reeve

Sarah P. Moran

Sir Charles Wood

Sir George Armytage

Sir Gerard Noel

Richard Wingfield

Miss Stanley

Countess of Hardwicke

Ted Gadsby

Terry Barlow

Theresa O. Littlestone

Lawrence of Arabia, El Aurens

Thomas Gardiner

Tom Canning

Unknown policeman

Vic Cole

Vice-Admiral W. S. Lovell

Wilfred Brown

Will Hewer

Will Howe

William Allestree

William Dove

William Mason

William Parke

William Pleeth

soldiers and officers of the 14th (King's) Hussars

soldiers of 4th Battalion The Norfolk Regiment

Alan Plater

Arthur Wellesley

Benjamin Britten

Charles Burney

Edward VII

George Grove

Gustav Holst

Jacqueline du Pré

Mary Delany

Princess Beatrice

Ralph Vaughan Williams

William Brouncker, 2. Viscount Brouncker

William Cowper

Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone

Baron, OM, KBE


Benjamin Britten

Giovanni Battista

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Beatrice Harrison

C. Hubert H. Parry

country of citizenship
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