Hilary Du Pré

Du Pré, Hilary, 1942-





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United Kingdom


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Du Pré, Hilary, 1942-

Hilary du Pré

Hilary du Pré

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du Pré



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1406023138936: My earliest memories of music are of listening to ...

1406023463194: From as early as I can remember, Mum entertained u...

1406024027876: A year after we had moved to Purley, Jackie had to...

1406025013132: Shortly after Jackie began playing the cello, Mum ...

1406025302427: On 24 November 1951, when she was six, Jackie took...

1406025743762: Shortly after my turn, it was Jackie’s. She was to...

1406026231515: Jackie became aware of how successfully she could ...

1406026893507: A week later, Jackie performed the Lalo concerto a...

1406027184885: As I struggled for four hours a day to produce the...

1406027357514: Fortunately home was nearby and I knew that I coul...

1406027558546: She knew immediately which one she wanted: the bea...

1406033894610: The historic 500-seat hall was packed, and as many...

1406034211492: The fooling over, Jackie launched into the Adagio ...

1406034457327: Now it was Jackie’s turn and, wanting to hear her,...

1406034751289: Jackie and I waited in the Green Room. Mum gave us...


1406054076050: When Kiffer discovered that he was short of a cell...


1406056533831: In July 1968, when I was seven months pregnant, th...

1406057636144: The next item was the Monn. There was a scrapin...

1406057913738: She returned carrying her cello and sat underneath...

1406058190936: As the orchestra took their places I felt apprehen...

1406058877163: Danny arranged for Jackie to play the drum in a pe...

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performance of ''The Swan' from 'Carnival of the Animals''

performance of 'Jacqueline du Pré sings 'Away in a Manger''

performance of 'Beethoven Sonata in D'

performance of 'Blackheath High School recital'

performance of 'Blackheath High School recital'

performance of 'Brahms'

performance of 'Christmas carols'

performance of 'Composition for cello and piano by Iris Greep'

performance of 'Concerto no. 1 (Stanley)'

performance of 'Elgar Cello Concerto'

performance of 'Elgar Cello Concerto'

performance of 'Iris Greep entertains Hilary and Jacqueline du Pré at the piano'

performance of 'Jacqueline du Pré playing a Stradivarius'

performance of 'Jacqueline du Pré with the Newbury String Players'

performance of 'Lalo Cello Concerto'

performance of 'Monn Cello Concerto in G minor'

performance of 'Music by Florembassi, Fitzhagen and Schubert'

performance of 'Music for cello and piano'

performance of 'Hilary du Pré listening to her mother playing piano music by Bach, Schumann and Brahms'

performance of 'Purcell Air in D Minor'

performance of 'St. Matthew Passion'

performance of 'Toy Symphony'

performance of 'Wigmore Hall recital'


performance of 'BBC Broadcast: All Your Own'

performance of 'St. Matthew Passion'

performance of 'St. Matthew Passion'


A genius in the family / Hilary Du Pré

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