Esther M. Hannigan in UK - the 1970's

from 1970s Teenager: From Bell-Bottoms to Disco Dancing, page 18:

You would wait all week if some favourite band like the Bay City Rollers was due to appear on Top of the Pops. I have tried to explain to some young people that I know how important an event it was to see these stars actually performing on the screen, but I honestly don’t think that they get it. Why would they want to sit in the same room as their mum and dad to listen to and watch some popular band? The state of affairs now is so utterly different. If they want to see any singer performing, all they have to do is Google it and they can track down film of a performance in a matter of …   more >>
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Simon Webb, 1970s Teenager: From Bell-Bottoms to Disco Dancing (Stroud, 2013), p. 18. accessed: 21 February, 2024

location of experience: UK


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pop music performed by Bay City Rollers

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Date/Time the 1970's
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Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors

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