Mrs Jackson et al. - 7 June, 1656

from Depositions from the Castle of York, 7 June 1656, pages 74-75:

And, in the begininge of these fits, the first night, he heard a greate noyse of musicke and dancinge about him. The next night, about twelve of the clocke, he was taken with another fitt, and, in the midle of it, he conccved there was a noyse like ringinge of small bells, with singinge and dancinge, and sometimes both nights a noise of deepe groneing; upon which he called of his wife and asked her if she heard it not, and soe of his man, who answered they did not. He asked them againe and againe if they heard it not; at last lie, his wife, and servant, all heard it give three hevie groones ; …   more >>
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Depositions from the Castle of York, 7 June 1656. In James Raine (ed.), Depositions from the Castle of York, relating to offenses committed in the northern counties in the seventeenth century (1861), p. 74-75. accessed: 4 February, 2023


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Date/Time 7 June, 1656
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Richard Jackson claims he heard strange noises like music, groans, and the ringing of small bells when his fits commenced, noises his wife also hears and which cause dogs to howl.

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