Mary Delany in London - January, 1775

from Letter from Mary Granville Pendarves Delany, 11 Jan. 1775, page 251:

I heard a sweet new instrument called the celestinet, the improvement, if not the invention of Mr. Mason the poet. His gentlest muse is not more harmonious and pathetick. I know your sister will long, as well as yourself, to have it described, but that is past my skill. I can give you a sketch, but not a finished piece. The shape is that of a short harpsicord, with the same sort of keys, and played on only with the right hand in the same manner; and at the same time you draw with your left hand a bow like the bow of a fiddle, that runs in a groove under the keys, and by proper management …   more >>
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Mary Delany, Letter from Mary Granville Pendarves Delany, 11 Jan. 1775. In Sarah Chauncey Woolsey (ed.), The Autobiography and Correspondence of Mrs. Delany, volume 1 (Boston, 1874), p. 251. accessed: 29 March, 2023

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Mary Delany
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'modern flimsy Italian music' compared with Handel performed by Mr Mason

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Date/Time January, 1775
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