Thomas Twining - 1762

from Letter from Thomas Twining to John Hey, 31 May 1762, pages 32-33:

Thomas Twining to John Hey, Bristol, May 31, 1762 We have a very delectable Irish counsellor & his wife with us at present. Just come from Dublin on account of his health. A very good Lion-like man in a great coal-black wig. But his wife is far the best man. She is rank Irish, & never was in England before: has the brogue as strong as any Irishman in a play: calls her husband "Honey", & "dear Honey". The first day they din’d with us he happen’d to say that in Ireland they often danc’d to a dulcimer & fiddle, & that it was very good dancing.
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Thomas Twining, Letter from Thomas Twining to John Hey, 31 May 1762. In Thomas Twining, and Ralph S. Walker (ed.), A selection of Thomas Twining's letters 1734-1804 : the record of a tranquil life, volume 1 (Lewiston, New York, 1991), p. 32-33. accessed: 3 March, 2024


Thomas Twining
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