Ronald Storrs in Jeddah - 17 October, 1916

from Diary extract 17 October 1916, Ronald Storrs , page 187:

As a compliment to Abdallah [the Sherif of Mecca] we had borrowed the Turkish band and instruments taken at Tayif: with very remarkable results. After a while Aziz Ali said there was a piece called "The Echo" they could render with great skill, and shouted down from the window an order to that effect. The result was two notes of an ineffable tristesse on the trombone, followed by a pause, in which we consumed more than half a course. Then a few more disjointed and incoherent notes from the rest of the orchestra, and so on da capo. Even the Egyptians - indeed all but Abdallah- were striken …   more >>
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Ronald Storrs, Diary extract 17 October 1916, Ronald Storrs . In Orientations (London, 1939), p. 187. accessed: 16 June, 2024

location of experience: Jeddah


Ronald Storrs
Civil Servant British Foreign and Colonial Office, amateur pianist, Military Governor of Jerusalem diplomat, amateur pianist

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performance of 'unknown' performed by Turkish band

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Date/Time 17 October, 1916
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors


The band and instruments had been taken when Tayif (Ta'if) near Mecca was captured from the Turks during the Hashemite Revolt earlier that summer.

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