Thomas Twining

from Thomas Twining to Charles Burney, Colchester, 4 May 1791, page 373:

How good it was of you to gratify me with another canto of the Haydniad! It is all most interesting to me. I don’t know any thing — any musical thing -- that would delight me so much as to meet him in a snug quartett party, & hear his manner of playing his own music. If you can bring about such a thing, while I am in town, either at Chelsea or at Mr. Burney’s, or at Mr. Salomon’s, or at I care not where, if it were even in the black hole of Calcutta (if it is a good hole for music) -- I say, if by hook or by crook you could manage such a thing, you should be my Magnus Apollo for the …   more >>
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Thomas Twining, Thomas Twining to Charles Burney, Colchester, 4 May 1791. In Thomas Twining, and Ralph S. Walker (ed.), A selection of Thomas Twining's letters 1734-1804 : the record of a tranquil life, volume 1 (Lewiston, New York, 1991), p. 373. accessed: 2 June, 2023


Thomas Twining
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