Thomas Twining

from Thomas Twining to Charles Burney, Colchester, 4 May, 1791, page 374:

I have lately had a sort of fiddle mania upon me, brought on by trying & comparing different Stainers, Cremonas, &c. I believe I have got possession of a sweet Stradivarius, which I play upon with much more pleasure than my Stainer; partly because the stop is longer. My Stainer is undersized; & on that account less valuable, tho’ the tone is as bright, piercing, & full, as of any Stainer I ever heard. Yet when I take it up after the Stradivarius, it sets my teeth on edge. The tone comes out plump, all at once. There is a comfortable reserve of tone in the Stradivarius, & it bears pressure, &…   more >>
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Thomas Twining, Thomas Twining to Charles Burney, Colchester, 4 May, 1791. In Thomas Twining, and Ralph S. Walker (ed.), A selection of Thomas Twining's letters 1734-1804 : the record of a tranquil life, volume 1 (Lewiston, New York, 1991), p. 374. accessed: 23 July, 2024


Thomas Twining
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