Louisa Harris et al. in London - May, 1775

from Letter from Frances Burney to Samuel Crisp, May 1775, pages 56-59:

Our Concert proved to be very much the Thing... ....Mr Burney... Fired away, with his usual successful velocity, to the amazement and delight of all present... [He] played a concerto of Schobert, and one of my Father's , and a great deal of Extemporary Preluding. [M]y Father petitioned the Baroness... and she was at length prevailed with. She played a Lesson of Schobert. I think her the best lady player I ever heard. She is a good musician, - does not blunder or make false steps, - has a remarkable strong left Hand - and plays with such meaning, as well as …   more >>
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Frances Burney, Letter from Frances Burney to Samuel Crisp, May 1775. In Frances Burney, and Peter Sabor and Lars E. Troide (ed.), Journals and Letters (London, 2001), p. 56-59. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1392224691455 accessed: 24 June, 2024

location of experience: London


Louisa Harris
Baron Deiden
Danish ambassador, Ambassador
Baroness Deiden
Edward Jones
harpist to the Prince of Wales, harpist
Esther Burney
James Harris
Philosophical writer
John Joseph Merlin
instrument maker
Charles Burney
musicologist, Musician, Writer
Frances Burney

Listening to

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Lesson by Charles Burney
written by Charles Burney
performed by Esther Burney
Lesson of Schobert
written by Johann Schobert
performed by Baroness Deiden
Rondeau from Piramo and Tisbé
written by Venanzio Rauzzini
performed by James Harris and Miss Harris
concerto by Johann Schobert
written by Johann Schobert
performed by Charles Rousseau Burney
harp music performed by Edward Jones
harpsichord duet
written by Johann Gottfried Muethel
performed by Esther Burney and Charles Rousseau Burney
piece by Johann Gottfried Eckard
written by Johann Gottfried Eckard
performed by Esther Burney
song by Sacchini
written by Antonio Sacchini
performed by James Harris Miss Harris

Experience Information

Date/Time May, 1775
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors

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