Benjamin Britten in Holt - 26 February, 1930

from Diary of Benjamin Britten, Feb 26 1930, page 34:

I finish the slow movement & finish also a fast movement of the Quartet pieces. I don't know yet if I like it, as there is still everso much to do to it. I am still out of school, but I hope to return to-morrow to my labours. I can do no writing from Dinner until prep. & consequently [Britten crosses this out] because of the incessant din of gramophones & so I do some copying of Hist, notes that I have missed, & also finish Father Brown, it is a very "innocent" book, but quite amusing.
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Benjamin Britten, Diary of Benjamin Britten, Feb 26 1930. In John Evans (ed.), Journeying boy : the diaries of the young Benjamin Britten 1928-1938 (:London), p. 34. accessed: 14 July, 2024

location of experience: Holt


Benjamin Britten

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Date/Time 26 February, 1930

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