Charles Burney in Campania - 26 October, 1770

from Music, Men and Manners in France and Italy, page 177:

After supper we had a long dish of musical talk relative to my history. All his Etruscan and other antiquities not sent to England are at Naples. He says nothing is allowed to be copied at Portici, and not a pencil suffered to appear there, and of him the Neapolitans are more suspicious and jealous than of any one else. I wished very much to have a bit of the Greek MSS. recovered on music - tho’ a satire against it - but till the court publishes it nothing can be obtained, no more than of the entire ancient instruments found in Herculaneum and Pompej. However, I shall get a sight of them and…   more >>
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Charles Burney, and H. Edmund Poole (ed.), Music, Men and Manners in France and Italy (1969), p. 177. accessed: 20 June, 2024

location of experience: Campania


Charles Burney
musicologist, Musician, Writer

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Chamber music
written by Antonio Vivaldi, Arcangelo Corelli, Francesco Geminiani, George Frideric Handel
performed by Catherine Hamilton, William Hamilton (diplomat)

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Date/Time 26 October, 1770
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors


William Hamilton F.R.S. was a diplomat and eminent archaeologist. With his wife Catherine he lived close to Mount Vesuvius which, on the evening when Burney visited them, could be clearly heard erupting in the background.Catherine was an accomplished harpsichordist, and her husband a keen amateur violinist.

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