Charles Burney in Naples - 6 November, 1770

from Music, Men and Manners in France and Italy, page 196:

This morning after chaise hunting I visited Jomelli, Piccini and Signor Baragine to whom I had a letter from Mr. Vyse, which, till now, I have not been able to deliver. I found him a very pretty kind of man, very musical and one of the governors to the conservatorio of S. Onofrio.... After this we went to Lord Fortrose, with whom we were to dine.... There was a very large company - among which Barbella and Ortigano were invited on my account.... After dinner a complete band was assembled in the gallery and we had music there till past 11 o’clock - Barbella pleased me to night much more than …   more >>
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Charles Burney, and H. Edmund Poole (ed.), Music, Men and Manners in France and Italy (1969), p. 196. accessed: 26 February, 2024

location of experience: Naples


Charles Burney
musicologist, Musician, Writer

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Chamber music performed by Emanuele Barbella

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Date/Time 6 November, 1770
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors


Burney was in Naples to collect material for his General History of Music. Among other people he consulted the opera composer Nicola Piccini, mentioned here, whose famous stylistic battle with Gluck in Paris in 1776 was to give rise to a "battle of the pamphlets" to which Burney was to devote considerable space in his History. The soiree recounted here took place in the residence of Lord Fortrose (a Scottish aristocrat and Naples resident who had narrowly missed being the 7th Earl of Fortrose, and who six years later died during a passage to India with the Seaforth Highlanders). Paolo Ortigano, also mentioned here, was a Neapolitan composer and harpsichordist who the following year traveled to London to direct the operas at the King's Theatre in Haymarket.

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