Benjamin Britten in Kensington - 4 December, 1930

from Diary of Benjamin Britten, Dec 4 1930, page 58:

I go to College at 10.0 & have v. nice lesson with Ireland - he is quite pleased with my Credo. I practise 2.15-3.30 then go to College to get ticket written for concert tomorrow - as Ireland said I must go, although all the tickets were gone! I go to the combined concert of the Kensington Festival.* Quite well attended, & not at all bad of it's sort. R.V.W conducts. The best of the evening was Mothers singing of Bonny Lighter boy - marvellous rhythm, words & everything. R.V.W. Xmas Fantasia thrilling to sing & I should think to listen to. V. Beautiful. Back 11.0
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Benjamin Britten, Diary of Benjamin Britten, Dec 4 1930. In John Evans (ed.), Journeying boy : the diaries of the young Benjamin Britten 1928-1938 (:London), p. 58. accessed: 15 July, 2024

location of experience: Kensington


Benjamin Britten

Listening to

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The Bonny Lighter Boy
written by Cecil Sharp (ed.)
performed by Mrs Britten

Experience Information

Date/Time 4 December, 1930
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in public


*An amateur vocal and choral festival, supported by Vaughan Williams.

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