M. Hall in Perivale - 1914

from Forgotten Voices of the Great War, pages 67-68:

I'd never been in a factory before, but the crisis made you think. I thought well, my brothers and my friends are in France, so a friend and I thought to ourselves, well, let's do something. So we wrote to London and asked for war work. And we were directed to a munitions factory at Perivale in London... We had to do a fortnight on and a fortnight off. It was terribly hard, terribly monotonous, but we had a purpose... I was working with sailors’ wives from three ships that were torpedoed and sank Aboukir, Cressy and Hogue, on the 22nd of September 1914. It was pitiful to see them, so …   more >>
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Max Arthur (ed.), Forgotten Voices of the Great War (London, 2002), p. 67-68. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1402054099084 accessed: 20 June, 2024

location of experience: Perivale


M. Hall
munitions worker

Experience Information

Date/Time 1914
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors

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