Charles Burney - December, 1781

from Letter from Charles Burney to Thomas Twining,14 December 1781, pages 332-3:

I have found a Motet of Josquin superior to all I sent you; but it was too long to print or even transcribe, but I hope to shew it, & chew it with you some time or other. Oh! I like all things to compare notes, & sentiments about these matters, & am extremely pleased with your comments, & remarks. They proceed from great knowledge of Harmony, & & experience in musical effects in full compositions. When I work at your remarks on my MS I'll have a letter on the stocks, & tell you all my feelings whether similar, or different from yours.
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Letter from Charles Burney to Thomas Twining,14 December 1781. In Charles Burney, and Alvaro Ribeiro (ed.), The letters of Dr Charles Burney, volume 1 (Oxford, 1991), p. 332-3. accessed: 29 February, 2024


Charles Burney
musicologist, Musician, Writer

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written by Josquin des Prez

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Date/Time December, 1781
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