Felix Mayerhofer et al. in California - late December, 1951

from Diary of a Young Musician: Final Days of the Big Band Era, pages 137-8:

… Mo, Norman, and I were walking by the Riverside Inn, when the door opened and we heard the most incredible sounds. We immediately stepped inside, and on the small stage was a four piece vocal-instrumental group singing the most modern harmonies we’d ever heard. That was our introduction to the Four Freshmen. I became so enraptured, I reminded myself of Mr. Brooks, my boss at the Capitol theater in New York City, when he took me to see George Shearing. I knew then what he had felt. From that day on, I’ve been one of the Four Freshmen’s greatest fans.
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Felix Mayerhofer, Diary of a Young Musician: Final Days of the Big Band Era (2006), p. 137-8. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1421149481176 accessed: 23 July, 2024

location of experience: California


Felix Mayerhofer
trombonist, Bandmaster, Writer
Norman Ogden
Jazz trumpeter, sergeant

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Four piece jazz performed by The Four Freshmen

Experience Information

Date/Time late December, 1951
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in public

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