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1409763755009: Before the United States officially sanctioned a n...

1424564205161: I shall always remember and treasure hearing you p...

1427889522273: There were no Negro vaudeville circuits then, and ...

1431987713880: The tour covered a great part of the United States...

1431987810976: (As Mother, writing home to Monica who was trainin...

1434715085865: It was a great honour for me to bring out the Deli...


































performance of 'Trumpet Concerto':

performance of 'Bassoon Concerto':

performance of 'Unspecified':

performance of 'Carnaval de ventse':

performance of 'Ninth Symphony':

performance of 'music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart':

performance of 'Holy Night':

performance of 'Soundtrack to Spartacus':

performance of 'Soundtrack to The Thin Blue Line':

performance of 'Piano Concerto':

performance of 'soundtrack to Citizen Kane':

performance of 'Soirée dans Grenade':

performance of 'Body and Soul':

performance of 'music by Jay Riese':

performance of 'The Way We Were':

performance of 'Suppertime':

performance of 'Dangerous Liaisons':

performance of 'Sunday Morning':

performance of 'Honeysuckle Rose':

performance of 'Piano Concerto No. 1':

performance of 'Eight Piano Etudes':

performance of 'Variations on a theme by Paganini':

performance of 'Assassins':

performance of 'music by Keith Jarrett':

performance of 'martial music':

performance of 'The Star-Spangled Banner':

performance of 'The Wound Dresser':

performance of 'The Wound Dresser':

performance of 'Eleven Studies for Eleven Players':

performance of 'Assembly and Fall':

performance of 'music by Ludwig van Beethoven':

performance of 'Come Right In and Stay a While, There Ain't Nobody Here but Me':

performance of 'Couperin':

performance of 'Delius's cello concerto':

performance of 'Dialogues des Carmélites':

performance of 'Goya':

performance of 'I'm Going to Shake That Tree Until the Nuts Come Down':

performance of 'I Wanna Be Somebody's Baby Doll So I Can Get My Lovin' All the Time':

performance of 'Judith':

performance of 'Magabunda':

performance of 'March To Tonality':

performance of 'Night Journey':

performance of 'Piano Concerto in G':

performance of 'Prelude and Adagio':

performance of 'Show Boat':

performance of 'St. Louis Blues':

performance of 'Star Spangled Banner and 'My Country, 'Tis of Thee'/God Save the Queen':

performance of 'Sunday in the Park with George':

performance of 'Symphony of Three Orchestras':

performance of 'Views from the Oldest House':

performance of 'Violin Concerto':

performance of 'Wozzeck':

performance of 'music by Aaron Copland':

performance of 'music by Michael Torke':

performance of 'music sung by Barbra Streisand':

performance of 'Piano Trio in A minor':

performance of 'Mode for Joe':


Gloria Vanderbilt

Russell "Big Chief" Moore


Alexander Borovsky

death place

Nathan Milstein

George Perle

Jerome Robbins

Artur Rubinstein

Bradley Garrett

Caroline Abbott

Carrie Lee

Cassie Oliver

Charles Linnaeus Hostetter

Gloria Vanderbilt

James Sloan

Jasper Taylor

John Mitchell

John Singer

Lester A. Walton

Major James Burton Pond

Mance Lipscomb

Manuel Perez

Maria Baranovskaya

Mike Stern

Mr Thayer

Nathaniel Parker Willis

Paul Monette

S. H. Dudley

Sherman Dudley

Shirley Gabis Rhodes Perle

Sylvester Russell

Thomas Ryan

Washington Irving

Welsh-American expatriates

Willa Cather

Dr William Plumer Jacobs

Zélie de Lussan

an unnamed brother of Washington Irving

members of the Actors' Association

workers in the clothing trade

Abraham Lincoln

Albert Gleny

Albert Nicholas

Alice Tully

Allen Keller

Amy Fay

Anson Funderburgh

Armand Hug

Ben Pollock

Billy Taylor

Bobby Tucker

Brian Calway

Buddy Lester

Carl Van Vechten

Carmen McRae

Catherine Drinker Brown

Charles Mingus

Chris Murphy

Clarence Rufus Rorem

David Ritz

Don Lamond

Don Was

Dr. Tuckerman

Dwight Lyman Moody

Ed Kirkeby

Edmond Hall

Efrem Kurtz

Felix Mayerhofer

Florence Page Kimball

Francis Thorne

Frank Trumbauer

Frank Walker

Fred Waring

Freddie Green

Gene Krupa

Gene Sedric

George Kennan

George Wettling

Hepzibah Menuhin

Herb Snitzer

Hoagy Carmichael

Irving Mills

Jacqueline Kennedy

James Holmes

James Lord

Jeannie Parker

Jimmy McPartland

Joe Marsala

John A. Provenzano

Kaiser Marshall

Kenny Clarke

Kenward Elmslie

L. Arnold Weissberger

Lee Konitz

Lee Radziwill

Leora Henderson

Louis Persinger

Mark Allison

Mary King Waddington

Mary Lou Williams

Maurice Grosser

May Wright Johnson

Milton Babbitt

Mo Mahoney

Moe Snyder

Mr. Brooks

Mrs Smith

Nat Towles

Ned Elliot Williams

New York audience

Norman Ogden

Paul Bowles

Paul Desmond

Pete Tortora

George Pops Foster

Preston Jackson

Ralph Berton

Randall Thompson

Richard M. Jones

Ron Lorman

Roy Harris

Russell "Big Chief" Moore

Sally Anderson

Samuel Barber

Shirley Wagner

Sidney Bechet

Spencer Williams

Teddy Hill

Tom Mitchell

Tommy Brookins

U.S. air force pilots

US Servicemen

William Jennings Bryan "Ben" Weber

Zutty Singleton

jazz musicians

unknown male

Aaron Copland

Alphonse Picou

Ben Hecht

Billie Holiday

Buster Bailey

Charlie Parker

Count Basie

David Diamond

Edith Wharton

Elliott Carter

Frank Rosolino

Igor Stravinsky

Ira D. Sankey

Lee Hoiby

Leonard Bernstein

Lil Armstrong

Lou Harrison

Louis Armstrong

Ned Rorem

President of the United States

Ray Charles

Thelonious Monk

Tony Scott

Virgil Thomson

Vladimir Horowitz

Wingy Manone

Baron, OM, KBE

Dalton Baldwin

Lucky Millinder

Hot Lips Page

David Del Tredici

Rex Stewart

Billy Strayhorn

Douglas Moore

Bix Beiderbecke

Duke Ellington

Muggsy Spanier

Jaco Pastorius

Milt Hinton

Coleman Hawkins

Earl Hines

Woody Herman

Sam Myers

Rosalyn Tureck

George Baquet

Gregor Piatigorsky

Mezz Mezzrow

Ethel Waters

William Masselos

Paul Whiteman

Louis Metcalf

Donald Gramm

Jo Jones

Kid [Edward] Ory

Alberta Hunter

Danny Barker

Billy Eckstine

Joe Turner

Dizzy Gillespie

George Lewis

John Corigliano

T-Bone Walker

Lee Collins

Bud Scott

Dr. Lowell Mason

Fletcher Henderson

Michael Tilson Thomas

Clarence Williams

Bunk Johnson

Bessie Smith

country of citizenship

United States

St. Paul, United States

United States of America

Small's Paradise (unspecified town/city) United States

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