Igor Stravinksy in USA - in the middle of the 1900's

from Memories and Commentaries, page 235:

The only jazz I had heard in the United States was in Harlem, and by bands in Chicago and New Orleans, and the jazz performers I most admired at that time were Art Tatum, Charlie Parker and the guitarist Charles Christian. To me, 'blues' meant African culture.

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Igor Stravinksy and Robert Craft, Memories and Commentaries (Queen Square, London, 2002), p. 235. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1450867123212 accessed: 28 September, 2023

location of experience: USA


Igor Stravinksy
[…] Composer, Conducting, Musician, Pianist

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jazz performed by Charles Christian, Charlie Parker, Art Tatum

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Date/Time in the middle of the 1900's
Medium live

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