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1385395577696: It was told me they acknowledged that I played ver...

1386508852915: The King [Francis] was at mass today at the Jacobi...

1392290415777: I have to admit that until it happened, I'd never ...

1400691477070: Do you know Tosti's 'Goodbye'? The gramophone is p...

1400692447932: After tea we went to the ‘Very Lights’ a concert p...

1400692928686: We have now got a padre who is the last word in ab...

1400693267895: We have at last a gramophone and a very fine song ...

1401870300064: I’ve just come across a bundle of old newspapers g...

1401985134651: On the 19th of December 1914 the Brigade was order...

1401985775565: After the 19th December attack, we were back in th...

1402054508168: The day would start about half an hour before dayb...

1402055225304: We officers were living in a marvellous chateau fi...

1402055582145: From a practical point of view there was no religi...

1405932723082: "God Save the King" and “The Marseillaise". Si...

1424448702205: Fenby [Eric Fenby] played the piano part of the so...

1424599164307: And in the evening, in my little house in Prades, ...

1427376645595: Of his perfect command over the orchestra, Berlioz...

1427403873436: On another occasion, at a concert given for the be...

1427405203657: I saw several times at my friend Leo's house, was...

1431356456567: While writing this, I hear Emily playing my 'Nurse...

1435575727873: To HIS SISTER. B.E.F. Sunday May 14, 1916. Y...


1435577795797: This first visit to the wood was the most unpleasa...






















performance of 'Socrate':

performance of 'Schérézade':

performance of 'Perséphone':

performance of 'singing':

performance of 'A long long trail':

performance of 'O for the wings of a dove':

performance of 'Silent night':

performance of 'Silent night (, performance of)':

performance of 'The Old Bull and Bush':

performance of 'Through the wood Laddie':

performance of 'fine music in a french church':

performance of ''For Mama'':

performance of 'Fantasia on ' Norma.'':

performance of 'Fantasia':

performance of 'G major Concerto':

performance of 'Lionel Tertis arrangement for viola of Delius' Third violin sonata / Lionel Tertis arrangement of Deliu's Serenade from Hassan':

performance of 'Moscheles' Nursery Tale':

performance of 'Moscheles' Reconciliation':

performance of 'Sept Haïkaï':

performance of 'Serenata':

performance of 'a C scale':

performance of 'The Marseillaise':

performance of 'God Save the King':

performance of 'mass at the Jacobins':


François Habeneck


Priaulx Rainier

death place

Michel de Montaigne

Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, 1808-1873

Alfred Guillaume Gabriel Orsay

3. Duc de Broglie

Adélaïde-Emilie Filleul

Anne Françoise Aimée de Franquelot de Coigny

Anne Louise Germaine de Staël-Holstein

Antoine-Laurent Castellan

Auguste-Charles-Joseph de Flahaut

Baron Armand-Louis-Maurice de Séguier

Caroline-Stéphanie-Félicité Brûlart

Catherine Noël Grand de Talleyrand-Périgord

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord

1st Duc de Bassano

Duke de Richelieu

Emma Bardac

Florent Schmitt

François Gérard

Henri Bertini

Jean Cocteau

Jean-Antoine Gauvain Gallois

1. Comte Portalis

Louis Adam

Louis Guy Charles Guillaume de Rohan-Chabot

Comte de Forbin

Louis Philippe I

Comte de Sainte-Aulaire

Louise Marie Adélaïde Eugénie d'Orléans

M. Mariton

M. de Lamarre

Madame Moreau

Marie Laurencin

Marie-Louise Bryan

Marshal General Jean-de Dieu Soult

Maurice Ravel

Max Jacob

Members of the Duc d’Orléans’ family

Paul Eluard

Pauline Bonaparte

Count de la Ferronays

Prince de Polignac

other guests of M. Mariton

other members of the Orléans family

some Frenchmen

Alphonse de Lamartine

Countess Mortier

Denise Bourdet

François Habeneck

François Marie Denis George-Picot

Francis I of France

French Ambassadors

French audience

Gérard Souzay

Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin

Henri Hell

John Gruen

Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin

Duc de Chartres

Lucien Capet

M. D'Arblay

Madeleine Milhaud

Marie-Laure de Noailles

Monsieur Guibert

Narcisse-Achille de Salvandy

Camille Hyacinthe Odilon Barrot

Paris Opéra audience

Philippe Entremont

Victor Hugo

Édouard Lalo

Albert Wolff (conductor)

André Maugars

Camille Saint-Saëns

Charles Gounod

Darius Milhaud

Erik Satie

Francis Poulenc

Hector Berlioz

Henri-Pierre Sauguet

Igor Stravinsky

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres


Jacques Pierre Joseph Rode

Emmanuel Chabrier

country of citizenship

Le Treport, northern France

near Loos, France

Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

Epinay-sur-Seine, France

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