Gregor Piatigorsky - in the middle of the 1920's

from Cellist- Gregor Piatigorsky, pages 110-12:

Yet not every Furtwängler concert was all glory. I remember particularly one first performance of a contemporary work. Extremely difficult, the piece needed more time for rehearsal than was available. Furtwängler, after running through the piece, began to work note by note for the rest of the rehearsal. / “Is it F sharp?” inquired a musician. / Furtwängler consulted the score and said, “Yes. / Why?”/ “Doesn’t sound right.” / Every second someone would interrupt Furtwängler with a question. “There are seven eighths in my bar. Is it correct?” “Is it a sixteenth note?” …   more >>
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Gregor Piatigorsky, Cellist- Gregor Piatigorsky (New York, 1976), p. 110-12. accessed: 22 May, 2024


Gregor Piatigorsky

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Contemporary work performed by Berlin Philharmonic, Wilhelm Furtwängler

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Date/Time in the middle of the 1920's
Medium live
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